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Our Association is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised entirely of Barnett Crossing homeowners.  Our Board of Directors and Committee volunteers are dedicated to making our community a place that we can all be proud to call home.

The Board of Director’s hope that you will find this site informative, useful and engaging. It is our desire to have this website serve as the basis for communication between the Board and community residents as well as to facilitate communications among residents. It is anticipated that this website will serve as a platform for more rapid dissemination of information throughout the community regarding issues of interest to residents.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at reducing crime in a community at the grass roots level. Why Neighborhood Watch? Because safe neighborhoods are everybody’s business and Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime.

The Barnett Crossing Homeowners Association formed the Neighborhood Watch Committee for the purpose of helping to keep our neighborhood safe. The committe work with the Board, Richmond County Police Department and the other Member Volunteers of the Committee. New members are always welcome to join and all residents are encouraged to contact us for additional information at

Meet and Greet Photos

Yard of the month

Tony and Tara Green 3814 Barnet Crossing to Barnett Crossing “Yard of the Month”
for September 2022.

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Board of Directors

  • President: Frank Stribling
  • Treasury:  Rosena Reid
  • Secretary: Yolanda Greenwood
  • Denise Robinson
  • Johnny Hickson
  • Billy McDonald
  • Simone Kennard
  • William Walker
  • Milton Devereux
  • Donnie Jackson
  • Currently our mettings are on Zoom

The board is in need of a vice president